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Vellanad Narayanan

Born2nd March, 1943
Died8th August, 2015
Native PlaceVellanad, Thiruvananthapuram
CareerLyrics (29 songs from 11 Movies), Screenplay (5), Dialogue (5), Story (2)
First MovieAshokavanam (1978)
Last MovieMookkuthi (2001)

Sri Vellanad Narayanan was born in Vellanad near Thiruvananthapuram. to Purambinkonathu Veettil Ponnan and Thankamma. After finishing his high school education in Nedumangad High School, he completed a degree in Zoology from MG College Thiruvananthapuram. He participated actively in the Vellanad Sahridaya Kalavedi, Vellanad Public Library and Vellanad Temple festivals. His intense relationship with books and reading increased the creativity and imagination and thus helped him in his writing endeavours. He has written plays from the mid 60s. His one-act play called Jwaalaamukham was his first play. In 1964 he entered the amateur Drama scene with the 2 hr play Varshameghangal which received many awards. He became more popular through his other plays called Arthaantharam and Aadithya Hridayam.

He entered the cinema field through his friend Kallayam Krishnadas by writing the screenplay for the movie Avalente Swapnam. But that movie was never released. Following this, he wrote the songs for the movie Saraswatheeyaamam. The song Ninne punaraan neettiya kaikalil became a hit. However Narayanan's favourite song from the movie was Sreeranjini Swararaagini. Another popular song by Narayanan is the song Poove poli paadaan varum poovaalakkiliye from the movie Oro Poovilum.

His efforts in the movie Pourusham made him more famous. Pappanamcode Lakshmanan who was a close friend of Narayanan recommended him to Film Director Sasikumar when he was about to start a new multistar movie. Sasikumar did not have to think twice as he had already seen Narayanan's play Arthaantharam. Narayanan wrote the story at the set of the movie, and as each scene was written, the movie was filmed. The premise is based on the true story of how the company Sudarsana Chit Funds went bankrupt.The Director was Thampy Kannanthanam. The song Iniyum ithal choodi viriyum is one of his favourite songs from the movie.

He wrote screenplays for almost 28 movies. But most of them were not released. Many in the movie field were amazed by the speed with which he could write screenplays. Still he remained the undiscovered diamond. When Pourusham became a hit, Sasikumar urged him to remain in the film field. But Narayanan was worried that it would not provide him with a regular income. He had always been hesitant to ask for work, or take advantage of the chances he was offered, Moreover, he was enamoured with Drama, All these kept him away from the movie field. He came to the realisation that his writing abilities would shine more in Drama. He looked after his family with the income from his job in Kerala Water Authority.

Narayanan was always actively involved in the Drama scene. the plays Karnan and Krishnaayanam by Thiruvananthapuram Navodaya Theatres were unprecedented successes. When he made Chilappathikaaram a Drama, Parameswaran Nair who was the original Malayalam translator and who was working at the time as the Dean of Madhura University searched for and found his telephone number and then called and congratulated him.

Narayanan started writing the screenplay for the very popular Series Devee Maahaathmyam, but unexpected illness prevented him from continuing on the project. He was under treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram when he passed away.

He is survived by his wife Vasantha, daughter Sreekala and sons Balamurali and Chithramohan.

(From a personal interview with Vellanad Narayanan)
Prepared by Sreedevi Pillai
Translated to English by Dr Susie Pazhavarical

Prepared by: Sreedevi Pillai


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