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G Aravindan

Born23rd January, 1935
Died15th March, 1991
CareerDirection (11), Screenplay (9), Dialogue (7), Background Music (5), Story (5), Production (1)
First MovieUtharaayanam (1975)

Aravindan was born on January 23rd, 1935 to Kavalam Vakuparampu Veettil PG Thankamma and MN Govindan Nair, who was a lawyer and a humorist. Aravindan pursued his studies at the Kottayam Nair Samajam High School, CMS College, Kottayam and University College, Trivandrum. He graduated in 1954 with a Bachelor’s degree in Botany. In 1956, he started working for the Rubber Board.

Aravindan stepped into the cultural world with his sketches in magazines such as Keralabhooshanam. He won acclaim through his cartoon series titled ‘Cheriya Manushyarum Valiya Lokavum’ which was a regular feature in the Mathrubhoomi weekly magazine. Once he became actively involved in the world of cinema, the series had to be concluded.

Starting with Utharayanam, his first feature film, Aravindan went on to direct 11 feature films and a handful of documentaries. He was a master craftsman who was able to blend literature, music and painting into the warp and weave of his films. The movies made by Aravindan played a major role in modernizing the outlook of Malayalam cinema. Besides 6 State Awards and 4 National Awards, Aravindan’s films have won honors at several prestigious international film festivals.

Passionate about music, Aravindan spent five years as a student of Hindustani music. He composed music for movies such as Ore Thooval Pakshikal, Piravi, Yaro Oraal, and Esthappan. Besides cinema, Aravindan was also involved in the filed of amateur drama. He directed two plays – CN Sreekantan Nair’s ‘Kali’ and Kavalam Narayana Panikkar’s ‘Avanavan Kadamba’.

Aravindan also served as the Director of the National Film Development Corporation and on the administrative board of the Kerala State Film Development Corporation.

Wife: Kaumudi.
Son: Ramu.

(Information Courtesy: ‘Cheriya Manushyarum Valiya Lokavum’ published by DC Books)

Prepared by: Remitha Satheesh


YearDirectionScreenplayDialogueBackground MusicStoryProduction
197511 - - - -
197822111 -
1979111 - 1 -
198011111 -
1982111 - 1 -
1986111 - - -
19881 - - 1 - -
19891 - - 1 - -
1991111 - - -